TN Real Estate Group specializes in Residential Homes, Recreational Land, and Investment Properties

TN Real Estate Group is enthusiastic to be able to help clients from all over the state, and world, to buy and sell Tennessee real estate. The services we provide are ideal for everyone from a first time home buyer to seasoned buyers and sellers.

Our broker has over fourteen years of experience in brokering Tennessee real estate transactions from single family homes to large land developments. TN Real Estate Group has put together a great team that work together to best serve their individual clients. No matter what your real estate needs, TN Real Estate Group is ready to help.

Please call our office at 615.983.6969 and ask to speak with Will White, our broker.  
Will White and Nick Shuford started TN Real Estate Group in Nashville in April 2010.

Our Broker...

Will White
Principal Broker
TN License #: 304529

(O) 615.983.6969
(C) 615.752.0260

Our Affiliate Brokers...

Erin Tolbert
Affiliate Broker
TN License #: 358250

(O) 615.983.6969
(C) 425.308.6668
Ben Shuster
Affiliate Broker
TN License #: 345472

(O) 615.983.6969
(C) 615.300.6004
Elisa Hill
Affiliate Broker
TN License #: 337499

(O) 615.983.6969
(C) 615.939.0178
Brian Barnes
Affiliate Broker
TN License #: 343306

(O) 615.983.6969
(C) 321.693.1147